Unlocking The Hidden Value of Your Employees with Video Knowledge Sharing

Employees Knowledge Sharing

A lot is said of the value of employees in any company. Granted, employees are supposed to better the company by sharing their knowledge on the industry the business works in. However, a business can’t exploit all of this knowledge.


Some of the knowledge will require the business to get creative. That’s why we think video knowledge sharing is one of the best ways to spread this knowledge around. But how can you unlock this value that isn’t so commonplace in most organizations?


We have researched the topic and have several ideas to help you do that. Stay tuned.

What is Video Knowledge Sharing?

The pandemic has taught many businesses the importance of using video to pass along messages from the company’s top brass or between employees. Therefore, knowledge sharing is the process by which many companies can pass on tacit, often documented information from person to person.


Video knowledge sharing only adds to that in that the information is shared by video and not the usual means. With videos, it is easier to engage everyone and promote knowledge sharing. Videos are more interactive than conventional training methods.


Therefore, exploiting videos to share the information will create more spaces for knowledge sharing to thrive and thus boost the company’s performance. That’s beside it adding to the different ways employees can share what they know with fellow employees.


Why Should You Consider Video Knowledge Sharing?

Perhaps you are wondering why you should give video knowledge sharing a chance. This strategy might appear alien to most people. However, several benefits would accrue to any enterprise willing to take advantage of video knowledge sharing.


1. They Supplement Training and Improve Learning

Employee to employee video knowledge sharing can work as a supplement for your worker training and education. That’s because videos are easier to relate to. They also are easy to document and use later than in-person training material that will mostly be on paper.


Videos boost the ability of the employees to retain information. That’s because you can customize them to fit the skills of the employees.


2. It will boost independent learning

Few people love it when they are pushed to do something. Those might be the sentiments of some of your employees. Video knowledge sharing makes it possible for people to come back to something later without being compelled to.


Therefore, the knowledge is documented, and it isn’t a problem for them to access it later on. It differs from the relatively forced lives sessions with a trainer.


3. They are affordable

Video knowledge sharing is one of the most cost-effective knowledge-sharing tactics. Although an initial outlay is required for the equipment, it is all smooth sailing, making on-demand knowledge-sharing videos.


By using videos, Microsoft was able to bring down their training costs from over 300$ per person to just 7$ per person.


4. Controlled Consistent In-house Messaging

Sharing knowledge via video provides you with the ability to disseminate information all through the organization consistently. Every person in the organization uniformly receives information, enabling the company to control the learning curves.


Creating the Perfect Video Knowledge Sharing Portal

Having the perfect video knowledge-sharing portal will depend on more than just recording the information. You will need to curate it in such a way that your employees pay attention to it. Suffice to say, if your employees ignore it, then its creation would have been a massive waste of time.


Here are the things to consider if you want to make the best video-sharing portal.


1. Create Large Video Library

The first thing you will need to create the perfect video knowledge sharing portal is a library. That’s a place where you can have all the business knowledge you think might be helpful to your company. 


Encourage employees always to document their skills on video. You can then curate the information, add text and edit it accordingly to make it easier for other people to find the information.


2. Caption and Transcript the Videos

Not everyone appreciates the speed by which video information goes. That’s why you need to add in transcripts and captions to encourage further sharing. You’ll find that other people understand the knowledge better why you provide transcripts and captions.


3. Incentivize Employee Participation

Rewarding employees willing to contribute regularly to the video resources will encourage more of them to come accords and share. You could even mastermind internal contests to see who contributes more to the resource’s library.


Make it a culture of the company to continually share information that will then go to the video resources library.


4. Have a Way to Rate the Content

There is no better way to know the quality of your content than to provide a rating system. The employees should rate the content to ensure the correct level of knowledge passes from employee to employee.


5. Customize Learning Videos with Interactive Elements

You need to mark the knowledge-sharing process as interactive and engaging as possible to boost the workers’ learning. You can do that by adding quizzes, polls, or hot spots. All that will enable you to unlock the hidden value of your employees.


You don’t want them to get bored going through the supposed learning material.



While there is a lot more you can do to unlock the hidden potential within your workforce, video knowledge sharing has all the hallmarks of a perfect avenue. With the tips we have outlined, you can make sharing knowledge vertically and horizontally within your organization easier.


That will enable you to unlock the hidden value of your employees.




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