Why Create Your Own Training Videos? Part 1: 8 Key Benefits

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Training videos are one of the most effective and engaging ways to deliver learning content to your employees. Whether you want to onboard new hires, update existing skills, or comply with industry regulations, training videos can help you achieve your goals faster and easier. But why should you create your own training videos instead of using off-the-shelf solutions? What are the benefits of using a software like Speach that allows you to create, share, and store compliant corporate training videos?


In this post, the first in a two-part series, we will explore six key benefits of creating your own training videos and how Speach can help you do it! Next week we'll see example of different types of training videos.


Benefit 1: Customization

One of the main advantages of being able to create training videos is that they can be customized to fit specific needs and preferences of various teams, departments, and individuals.


Tailor the content, format, style, tone, and length of training videos to match different learning objectives, audiences, and brand identities.


Customize training videos when you:

  • Use real-life scenarios and examples from your industry or company to make the content more relevant and relatable.

  • Incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, surveys, or feedback forms to increase engagement and retention.

  • Add subtitles, captions, transcripts, or translations to make your videos accessible and inclusive for diverse learners.

  • Use your own logo, colors, fonts, images, or music to reinforce your brand identity and recognition.

With Speach, users can easily create customized training videos using a simple and intuitive interface. Choose from a variety of templates or start from scratch, and edit training videos anytime and anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.



Benefit 2: Cost-effectiveness

Creating training videos can be time-consuming and costly if organizations rely on traditional methods or external providers. When going this route, it is often necessary to hire professional videographers, editors, actors, or instructors; rent equipment or studios; travel to different locations; or pay for licensing fees or subscriptions.


With Speach, users can create high-quality training videos in-house, using their own devices and resources. Leverage smartphones, tablets, or computers to record training videos; use the built-in editing tools to trim, crop, or merge clips; add voice over, subtitles, documents, annotations, quizzes, or calls to action; and publish videos in a few clicks.


Reuse existing content from your organization’s library or templates to create new videos faster and easier. Update or modify your videos at any time without having to redo the whole production process.



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Increase cost effectiveness by:

  • Use existing resources such as documents, presentations, images, or audio files to create training videos without spending extra money on new content.

  • Leverage the expertise and knowledge of employees or subject matter experts to create training videos without hiring external consultants or trainers.

  • Update or modify videos as often as needed without paying for additional revisions or changes.

  • Reuse or repurpose past videos for different purposes or audiences without creating new content from scratch.

Create cost-effective training videos using a flexible and scalable pricing model with Speach. Only pay for what you use, and adjust your organization’s subscription according to its changing needs. Users can also take advantage of the free trial period to test the software before committing.



Benefit 3: Quality

A third benefit of creating training videos is that organizations can ensure the quality and consistency of learning content. Control the production process and the final output of training videos to meet high standards and expectations. Users can also monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of training videos on learners and business outcomes.


Create quality training videos when users:

  • Use high-quality equipment and software to produce professional-looking videos that reflect your brand image and reputation.

  • Apply best practices and guidelines for video creation such as clear audio, good lighting, proper framing, smooth transitions, etc.

  • Review and test your videos before publishing them to check for errors, inaccuracies, or gaps in the content.

  • Collect and analyze data such as views, completion rates, feedback scores, quiz results, etc. to measure the performance and satisfaction of your learners and improve your videos accordingly.

With Speach, users can create quality training videos using a reliable and secure platform that guarantees data protection and privacy. Access a range of features and tools that help creators enhance the quality of videos, such as:

  • A screen recording option that allows users to capture their screen activity and voice narration.

  • A video editing tool that lets users trim, crop, merge, split, or add video effects.

  • A media library that stores all assets in one place for easy access and management.


Benefit 4: Engagement

Training videos are more engaging and memorable than text-based or static content. SMEs can capture the attention of an audience, stimulate their emotions, and appeal to their senses. Easily convey complex or abstract concepts more clearly and effectively by using visuals, sounds, animations, or demonstrations.


Use Speach to make training videos even more engaging and interactive by adding various elements that enhance the learning experience.



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Engage employees when training videos:

  • Use storytelling techniques such as characters, conflicts, emotions, and humor to appeal to viewers and keep them engaged.

  • Use voice over to narrate training videos and provide additional information or guidance.

  • Add subtitles in different languages to make videos accessible and inclusive for global audiences.

  • Integrate documents such as PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, or images to support video content.

  • Add annotations such as arrows, circles, highlights, or text boxes to emphasize key points or instructions.

  • Insert quizzes to test the audience's knowledge and comprehension of the video content.

  • Add calls to action to direct the audience to take a specific action after watching the video.


Benefit 5: Improve Performance and Productivity

Training videos can help organizations improve the performance and productivity of employees by providing them with the information, skills, and knowledge they need to do their jobs better. 


With Speach, organizations can measure the impact of training videos on employees' performance and productivity by using the powerful dashboard that provides various metrics and insights. 

Improve performance with training videos when employees:


  • Learn new skills or refresh existing ones
  • Solve problems or troubleshoot issues
  • Follow best practices or standard procedures
  • Adopt new technologies or processes
  • Comply with regulations or policies
  • Track video views, completion rates, and feedback of training videos
  • Analyze the results of quizzes and identify knowledge gaps
  • Monitor the progress and achievements of employees
  • Generate reports and export data for further analysis

These metrics and insights can help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of training videos, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your organization’s learning strategy.



Benefit 6: Ensure Compliance and Quality

Training videos can help ensure compliance and quality by providing consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to employees, customers, and partners. 

With Speach, users can ensure compliance and quality of your training videos by using the features that are designed to meet the requirements of various industries and regulations. 

Ensure compliance with video by:

  • Reduce errors, mistakes, or accidents
  • Avoid fines, penalties, or lawsuits
  • Maintain standards, certifications, or accreditations
  • Enhance reputation, trust, or credibility
  • Use access control (SSO) to restrict or grant access to your videos based on roles, groups or permissions
  • Use electronic signature to validate the content and authorship of your videos
  • Use workflow validation to approve or reject the creation or modification of your videos
  • Use versioning control to keep track of the changes and revisions of your videos
  • Use audit readiness to provide evidence and documentation of your training activities


Benefit 7: Capture and Share Expertise

Training videos can help you capture and share the expertise of your subject matter experts (SMEs) with your employees, customers, or partners.


With Speach, users can capture and share the expertise of SMEs with ease and efficiency by using the features that enable them to create and distribute their own training videos. 



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Share subject matter expertise with video by:

  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of SMEs
  • Preserve the institutional memory and culture of the organization
  • Foster a culture of learning and collaboration among employees
  • Empower your employees to share their own expertise and best practices
  • 10+ creation tools to record, edit, and enrich training videos with minimal technical skills or training
  • Translation and subtitling feature to make your video understandable and appealing for diverse audiences
  • Deployment feature to share your video across your sites in seconds and embed it in your LMS or any existing tools
  • Knowledge network feature to build a how-to video library that showcases the expertise of your SMEs


Benefit 8: Digitize and Modernize Your Training

Training videos can help you digitize and modernize your training by providing a flexible, convenient, and scalable way to deliver information, skills, and knowledge to your employees, customers, or partners. 


With Speach, users can digitize and modernize training videos by using the features that enable SMEs to create and manage training videos in a cloud-based platform that is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. 


Digitize processes with video when you:

  • Adapt to the changing needs and preferences of your audience
  • Provide anytime, anywhere, and any device access to your training content
  • Support self-paced, personalized, and adaptive learning paths
  • Reach more people with less resources and effort
  • Use the cloud storage feature to store your videos in a secure and accessible location
  • Use the GMP & FDA compliant feature to ensure that your videos meet the highest standards of quality and safety
  • Use the user interface feature to navigate and use the platform with ease and comfort



Training videos are an essential tool for delivering information, skills, and knowledge to employees, customers, or partners. They can help achieve various learning objectives, such as onboarding, updating, developing, enhancing, increasing, or capturing.


But creating training videos can also be challenging. Organizations need to have the right tools, skills, and resources to produce engaging, effective, and compliant videos that meet the audience's needs and expectations.


That's why you need Speach. Speach is a video training platform for large enterprises that helps SMEs create, share, and store compliant corporate training videos. With Speach, users can benefit from saving time and money, improving performance and productivity, capturing and sharing expertise, and ensuring compliance and quality. 



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